Sams Club NEW ITEMS FOR HOME Look Store Walkthrough With Prices

Finally lots of new items for your home at Sams club and so we’ll be taking a walkthrough the store and looking at items for bath, bedroom and livingrooms including bed trays, soap dispensers, dishwasher detergent, trash bins, can organizer, soap, pressure cooker, pan organizer, led string lights, bed canopy, wall shelves, food containers, mirrors, heaters, over the door organizers, stackable bins, premium shelf liner, room rugs, storage shelf, sponges, water cooler, wall tapestry, candles, table pads, drawer organizers, bleach, medicine, Himalayan salt lamp, food storage containers, accent rugs, kitchen towels, photo frames, home decorations, floral, bath and kitchen towels in assorted colors and sizes, fabric tablecloths, plates, expendable drying racks, foodsaver vacuum sealing systems, storage bins, home accessories, tray organizers, drinkware glasses, steam mops, blankets, sofa covers, house accessories, food storage sets, room chairs, Vaseline, paintings, containers, and more all to relaxing songs and music in highest 4k quality. I hope you enjoyed this shop with me at Sams Club.

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